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2 hours 24 minutes ago

Oh yeah, working and burning off all the goodies I ate at last night :)) Just have to work a little harder Physics Today

Perks Coffee Cafe

2 hours 45 minutes ago

Here is the new Detox Waters for this week:

Turmeric and Ginger Blast:
Benefits: Reduce Inflammation. Both ginger and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is also used to decrease inflammation.

Queen Bee Detox:
Has extra lemon and honey, half of the apple cider vinegar, ginger and cucumbers are optional :)). Great for boosting your metabolism and its so refreshing!!!

Perks Coffee Cafe

2 hours 46 minutes ago

Sunday morning workout after last night's San Antonio FC game with 20 min cycling and upper body weight lifting dinking my Hulk Detox Juice. Working to stay fit.

Perks Coffee Cafe

1 day 3 hours ago

Saturday morning working out legs, swimming and a little hot tub meditation with my Perks Coffee Cafe Hulk Juice! Working to stay healthy.

Perks Coffee Cafe

2 days 21 hours ago

Hello everyone!!! If you guys are in Helotes area this Saturday stop on by the Helotes Carnival Fairgrouds and come support the Stewart Adair Family. All proceeds will go the Adair Family and fighting Pancreatic Cancer!!!

Perks Coffee Cafe

3 days 3 hours ago

Say hello to my little friend, Mr. Beet juice. This juice gave me so much energy this morning it was was unbelievable and I haven't had my coffee this morning either lol. This juice will change your life :))). Happy Thursday everyone and have a blessed day.
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Perks Coffee Cafe

4 days 20 hours ago

Stay cool this summer and beat the heat with our Hulk Juice!
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Perks Coffee Cafe

1 week 1 day ago

I'm loving this juice with every "Beet" of my heart. Flavor for the Month will be Beet, Ginger and Apple Detox Juice. This juice has extraordinary health benefits, please read below. You cant "Beet this Juice♡♡♡
The ladies at LifeCare loved this juice today♡♡


Beet roots contain important nutrients that may help fight cancer and inflammation, boost your stamina, and support Detoxification
They also strengthen your immune system, support brain and bone health, Plus, they're super delicious!!!!

This juice is "Perkfect" before your workout!!
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Perks Coffee Cafe

1 week 2 days ago

Stop by Simply Raw Nutrition and pick up your choice of Perks Detox & Juice, delicious Acai bowls and a variety of refreshing protein shakes. This weeks flavors are:

Carrot Fiesta Detox Water
Strawberry & Mint Detox Water
Watermelon & Cayenne Detox Juice
Pineapple & Cayenne Detox Water